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Reviews at a Glance: Purplebricks Trustpilot Word Cloud

In ‘Reviews at a Glance’, we compile a word cloud using data* from the most recent 100 TrustPilot reviews, to give an overall picture of each online estate agent.

What’s immediately notable about Purplebricks’ word cloud is the frequency of words with particularly positive connotations. Read more »

Which is best for you: a no sale no fee online estate agent or paying upfront?

Online estate agents can offer massive savings compared to traditional high street agents. Paying one flat fee to sell your property compared to a percentage of the overall sale (typically 1.5% plus VAT) can add up to savings of thousands of pounds, plus you’ll know from the outset how much you’ll be spending, rather than having to wait for a surprise bill at the end of the process. Read more »

How online estate agents can increase property investor profit margins

Property investors such as landlords and developers focused on achieving the best cost savings possible can use online estate agents to gain a competitive advantage. Online estate agents can market a property for sale for a fixed fee which is typically low compared to a commission-based agency, potentially saving thousands in selling costs. Read more »

Is Housesimple any good? How to decide if it’s the right online estate agent for you

If you’re considering selling property through an online estate agent, you’ve probably heard a few of the main names either on TV, in the media, or maybe in conversation. You might be familiar with the name HouseSimple, but what does it offer, and is it any good? Read more »

Online estate agents with no upfront fees: Deferred Payment vs No Sale No Fee

One of the main reasons property sellers opt for an online estate agent is the major savings on offer. Depending on the value of your property, you could save thousands in sales fees, compared to a traditional high street estate agent. Read more »

Online estate agents ‘no upfront fee’ offers: where to find the best deals

One of the biggest reasons property sellers choose an online estate agent is because they can represent significant savings compared to high street estate agents. Sell with a high street agent and you’ll receive a bill (often rather hefty) once the deal has completed. Read more »

Using an online estate agent but hosting your own viewings? How NOT to do it

Hiring an online estate agent and conducting your own viewings cuts out the expensive middleman and can make the whole process of selling your property cheaper and often more convenient. Some DIY online sellers also believe that the personal touch can help to secure a sale – after all, who knows your property and local area like you do? Read more »

What kind of property seller are you? Find the best online agent to match your profile

We can thank the internet for a lot of things, but one of the biggest benefits of life in the digital age is the sheer amount of choice we have in almost every aspect of living. Read more »

US-bound Purplebricks shares surge but Brexit-hit high street estate agents suffer

Estate agents were among the hardest hit stocks immediately following the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 with investors panicking about the impact of leaving the EU on future property transaction volumes.

Several months later, the picture for the majority of London Stock Exchange estate agents would – to use their language – benefit from considerable improvement. Read more »

Are there any ‘no sale no fee online’ estate agents? Yes there are, at last

The main reason why online estate agents are taking off in the UK is the low fixed fees they charge compared with high street estate agent commissions. There are huge savings to be made for many property sellers – but vendors usually have to accept an element of risk too, notably paying the online agent’s fee upfront. Read more »

Budget online estate agent Settled secures Silicon Valley funding

UK online estate agent Settled has secured a £1m investment, including cash from Silicon Valley firm 500 Startups. Investment vehicle 500 Startups was founded by a former marketing director for PayPal and has put an undisclosed sum into Settled to add to an investment already made by Thomas Teichman, a serial investor with a reputation for spotting the next big thing. Read more »

Purplebricks to launch online estate agency in Australia

Following the success of its online estate agent business in the UK, Purplebricks is preparing to launch a similar service in Australia. CEO of Purplebricks Australia, Ryan Dinsdale, is actively recruiting Local Property Experts and expects to open for business, primarily on the East Coast. Read more »

Property listings chart shows how far Purplebricks has risen since floatation

Online estate agent Purplebricks got a huge cash injection when it floated on the London Stock Exchange – and now SellingUp.com has produced some exclusive research to show its growth in the six months that followed. Read more »

Sizing up Purplebricks alternatives: online estate agent competitors league table

A recent survey by YouGov for SellingUp.com showed that 39% of property owners had heard of Purplebricks – but not many people know just how many alternative online estate agents there are to choose from.  Read more »

Petition to save traditional high street estate agents only gets ONE signature

An estate agent called The Purple Property Shop might have some colour in their cheeks after its online petition to save their much maligned industry attracted JUST ONE signature.

The petition entitled ‘There’ll always be a place for the High Street Estate Agent’ was launched on popular campaigning site iPetitions.com last June with a goal of gaining 1000 supporters. Read more »

One in three would ‘seriously consider’ an online estate agent – YouGov/SellingUp

One third of property owners in the UK would “seriously consider” hiring an online agent if selling tomorrow, according to exclusive YouGov research for SellingUp.com. The polling company asked 1300 about their willingness to use an online fixed fee estate agent charging £300-£800 instead of paying a high street agency’s commission. Read more »

The famous names and business brains speaking for online estate agents

Celebrities and high profile business people are increasingly putting their names (and their money) behind online estate agents. But just what is the appeal of the online version of what is, after all, a notoriously unpopular profession? Read more »

Online estate agent confusion alert: eMoov versus eMove

Have you ever heard of eMove, the online estate agent that offers to sell your property for a low fixed fee, and that claims to be “the UK’s leading online estate agent”? You may think you have, but it’s more likely you’re thinking of eMoov – which actually is one of the biggest online estate agents in the UK, with millions of pounds of backing from ex-Dragon’s Den investor James Caan among others. Read more »

Online estate agent eMoov nets millions in crowdfunding campaign

Whenever the topic of online estate agents comes up in the media, traditional agents write comments saying that the concept will never work – but it’s clear that some big money investors think different. Online estate agent eMoov has just raised an incredible £2.6million through its crowdfunding campaign – almost twice as much as rival easyProperty raised last year in its own crowdfunding effort. Read more »

House Network Profile

The House Network profile information has moved and is now on the House Network reviews page. Read more »

easyProperty Profile

The easyProperty profile information has moved and is now on the easyProperty Reviews page.

Read more »

easyProperty holds funeral march for high street agents – bad taste or brilliant?

EasyProperty.com, the newest online estate agent to make an impact in the market, has held a fake funeral procession through central London to mark the end of “fat fee” high street estate agents. Symbolically the starting point of the route was a branch of Foxtons in the West End – perhaps the archetypal high fee agent. Read more »

easyProperty applies no frills approach to home sales

Perhaps you’ve flown easyJet and appreciated the low-cost, efficient service compared to traditional airlines. Now you can now apply the same approach to selling your home. Rob Ellice, a property market veteran has taken out a licence from easyJet boss Stelios Haji-Iannou to use his ‘easy’ brand for a new online estate agency: easyProperty.com. Read more »

Win a home visit from celebrity property guru Sarah Beeny

If you’ve ever watched Sarah Beeny work her magic on a property on TV and wished you could benefit from the same treatment, now’s your chance. Tepilo, the online estate agents Sarah heads up, is running a competition with a home visit from Sarah herself as the prize. Read more »

Purplebricks Reviews and Profile

Many reviewers state that they would recommend purplebricks to their friends because of the excellent customer service, the fair and transparent cost, and the speed with which their house sold.


Read more »

The crowdfunded site planning to ‘do an Airbnb’ to the property market

The iProperty Company is on a mission to revolutionise the way homes are bought and sold in the UK – and its plans don’t include estate agents. The SellingUp.com blog interviewed CEO John Candia about the ‘£2.5 million campaign’ to make his private property listings website the next Airbnb. Read more »

What are online estate agents? A beginner’s guide to the new way to sell

Over the past few years a new type of property service has emerged – the ‘online estate agent’ – offering to sell your property for a low fixed fee. This guide covers who is behind them, how much they charge and what services they offer. Read more »

What services property owners want from an online estate agent

When you hire a traditional estate agent you make a lot of assumptions. It’s not that you are being lazy, it’s just that it’s generally understood what you can expect them to do. In summary you would probably imagine that they would: Read more »