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Got angry tenants? Watch out…a host of new ‘Landlord Tripadvisors’ are coming

What score would you get if you asked your tenants to mark you out of ten? And be honest, because a host of new landlord ratings sites are coming and it won’t be long before those scores could be shared with the whole world. Read more »

How online estate agents can increase property investor profit margins

Property investors such as landlords and developers focused on achieving the best cost savings possible can use online estate agents to gain a competitive advantage. Online estate agents can market a property for sale for a fixed fee which is typically low compared to a commission-based agency, potentially saving thousands in selling costs. Read more »

Service to negotiate online agent fees for landlords selling multiple properties

SellingUp is offering a new service to help reduce selling costs for landlords disposing of more than one property. By now most landlords will be aware that there are potentially big fee savings to be made by using a fixed fee online estate agent compared with a high street agent. Read more »

OpenRent: profile of the UK’s largest online lettings agency

OpenRent is the UK’s largest online lettings agency. Founded in 2012 by Oxford University alumni Daz Bradbury and Adam Hyslop, London-based OpenRent provides landlords with a platform to market their properties directly to tenants at low cost. Read more »

Are you a landlord selling up? How online estate agents can help your margins

It’s a difficult time to be a landlord. Increased red tape, fewer tax breaks and growing economic uncertainty means the buy-to-let bubble – which once offered lucrative financial gains for property investors – is on its way to bursting (or at the very least, deflating). Read more »

‘Tenant tax’ judicial review hearing confirmed for mid-September

A legal campaign to overturn the Government’s controversial ‘tenant tax’ has taken a step forward with the announcement that a hearing will take place on September 14/15. The campaign to reverse plans to phase out mortgage interest tax relief for private landlords has QC Cherie Blair at the helm of the legal team. Read more »

Most landlords will ‘Remain’ active in UK property market: exclusive Brexit poll

A survey by SellingUp.com has found that 65% of active UK residential property investors intend to remain so, while 35% will leave their plans to one side after the Brexit vote. SellingUp.com polled members of leading investment website Property Tribes in early July to ask about their buying intentions post-EU referendum. Read more »

Should I sell my home before April 2016?

Changes to stamp duty on investment properties are coming into effect from April 2016 and they could have a significant effect on house prices in the UK. If you own a property that fits into the profile of a likely investment purchase for potential buyers then you should be asking yourself whether now is a good time to sell up. Read more »