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Considering Purplebricks? Lower your risk of selling property online with a ‘no sale no fee’ online estate agent

Online estate agents have seen a tremendous rise in popularity in recent times. Why? Because compared to traditional high street agents they can offer major convenience and most importantly, significant savings.

But not all online estate agents are created equal, and there are still risks involved. Read more »

How YOPA’s Pay Later option works: understanding the deferred payment

Hybrid estate agent Purplebricks was recently put under pressure by the BBC Watchdog programme over its Pay Later package. Other agents including YOPA have similar deals for deferring payments but how do they work? We look at the fine print of YOPA’s Pay Later option so you can be sure you understand what you are signing up for. Read more »

Purplebricks Pay Later package is in the spotlight – but what are the alternatives?

Purplebricks has come under intense media scrutiny over its system for offering customers a way to ‘buy now pay later’. The controversial deferred payments plan means that anyone who signs up with Purplebricks has the option to either pay right away or to hold the payment back until either the property sells, or 10 months has expired – whichever happens first. Read more »