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How to advertise on Rightmove without the need for a high street estate agent

We use the internet for almost everything nowadays. Whether it’s doing the weekly shop, booking a holiday or making a hair appointment, the internet is our go-to for getting things done. Why would house-hunting be any different?  Read more »

Cheapest online estate agents to get you on Rightmove and Zoopla

In the very first days of online estate agency, around a decade ago, the marketing message to home sellers was no frills service and substantial cost savings. Services like hosted viewings and local expertise were often downplayed while their ability to reach millions of property hunters on Rightmove and Zoopla for a bargain fixed price was the focus. Read more »

High end London agent leaves Zoopla as sellers demand return to Rightmove

Pressure from sellers who demanded to see their property listed on Rightmove has forced a leading estate agent to drop Zoopla and rejoin the UK’s biggest portal. Predominantly London-based residential estate agents Chestertons had stopped using Rightmove a few months earlier, preferring instead to list with number two site Zoopla plus newcomer OntheMarket.com (OTM). Read more »

Revealed: the risk for properties not listed for sale on Rightmove and Zoopla

Leading portal Rightmove would be used by 65% of buyers starting their property search today, ahead of Zoopla on 50%, a SellingUp.com survey has found. The poll asked 1000 potential property hunters about their portal preferences to help sellers decide which sites to get listed on. Read more »

The crowdfunded site planning to ‘do an Airbnb’ to the property market

The iProperty Company is on a mission to revolutionise the way homes are bought and sold in the UK – and its plans don’t include estate agents. The SellingUp.com blog interviewed CEO John Candia about the ‘£2.5 million campaign’ to make his private property listings website the next Airbnb. Read more »

Map of the 4700+ estate agents using new property portal OntheMarket.com

The launch of new property portal OntheMarket.com means that when sellers hire an estate agent, they can no longer assume that their home will be listed on all of the major portals. Agents using OntheMarket.com are not allowed to also list properties on both Rightmove and Zoopla. Read more »

Joining OntheMarket.com could cost estate agents 15% of their customers

Estate agents that sign up to the new property portal OntheMarket.com risk losing around 15% of potential vendors according to an exclusive survey by SellingUp.com. Read more »