Why did property owners pipe up for plumbers in satisfaction survey?

In a recent survey by SellingUp, plumbers and heating engineers were rated as the number one property services provider in the UK, ahead of all other trades and professionals. We asked 1000 ordinary members of the public which property related services they have ever used, and followed up by asking whether they would actually recommend the company to friends and family.

Fixing a boiler on a cold day is sure to give the customer a warm glow

Perhaps not surprisingly plumbers/heating engineers had been hired by the majority of people (63.10%) at one time or another. In fact, the only services in the survey that were more widely used than plumbers were solicitors (65%) and estate agents (63.9%).

In huge contrast, of those that had hired them, plumbers would be recommended by no less than 71.16% of customers, compared to 47.73 for estate agents and 59.38% for solicitors.

The full table is below, but you can see wider analysis of the results here.

Why is it that plumbers scored so highly? It’s hard to say but perhaps it comes down to the nature of the work being delivered.

Often a plumber/heating engineer is called upon to ‘save the day’ by fixing a leak or getting a boiler working on a freezing cold day. Naturally, the relieved customer is going to be grateful for the work done, often at short notice and to a high professional standard.

Whatever the reason, it is a clear testiment to the quality of the UK’s plumbers and heating engineers that they have come top of this survey for word of mouth recommendations.