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Is Emoov any good? Find out if the James Caan-backed online agent is right for you

With more and more people opting to use an online estate agent, you will likely have heard some of the big names mentioned, either in the media or from a friend. Emoov is a name that’s featured on the landscape for a while, and if you’re looking to sell a property you’ll probably be wondering if they’re any good. Read more »

The famous names and business brains speaking for online estate agents

Celebrities and high profile business people are increasingly putting their names (and their money) behind online estate agents. But just what is the appeal of the online version of what is, after all, a notoriously unpopular profession? Read more »

Emoov Reviews, Profile and Q&A

Emoov is one of the longest established and largest online estate agents in the UK, with thousands of properties sold. Read the company profile to learn more, see the Q&A or go to the latest independent customer reviews of eMoov. Read more »