Online agent YOPA sponsors Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge

Online estate agent YOPA has sponsored the The Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge, in a move to strengthen community ties and enhance the national company’s local credentials.

yopa_logo_official_B2iGZVcThe event raised over £80,000 for Ryedale Special Families (RSF), a family and children’s charity. It was held on the weekend of 16-17th July and attended by nearly one hundred and sixty keen cyclists. The online estate agent provided high-viz jackets for the stewards as part of the branding exercise.

The Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge has been running since 2011, and follows a circular route covering one hundred and forty six miles of the North Yorkshire countryside over two days starting and finishing in Malton.

The event sponsor said that thanks to the sunshine this year the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with plenty of refreshment stops along the way. The money that was raised is still being counted, but before the event occurred they had more than eighty thousand pounds in entrance fees and pledges.

Online estate agent YOPA wrote on its website that it is “delighted” to be part of making the event a success and helping many families in need of support. It congratulated the participants in completing a challenging course and thanked them for their fundraising efforts.

YOPA explained it has ties to Yorkshire and a personal interest in RSE. Dianne Sprouse, YOPA’s local online estate agent for Yorkshire, has a niece with cerebral palsy, and therefore knows how difficult it can be for families to find support.


July 24, 2016