Mid-afternoon is revealed as online property valuation peak time

Research from an estate agent software tool has revealed that users are most likely to request property valuations online between 2pm and 5pm.

valpalThe mid-afternoon period is the single most popular time for prospective vendors to seek automated online property valuations, according to an analysis carried out by ValPal. The head of the property appraisal tool has also suggested the information they have gathered could be extremely helpful for agents who are seeking out sellers.

ValPal is an internet-based tool offered by Angels Media, a leading digital marketing firm in the UK property industry, which allows users to carry out an instant online property valuation. The company’s research looked at data from 2,100 different estate agents throughout June 2016.

Over the course of the month, a total of 22,432 requests were made to value property online, via the websites of the estate agents included in the research, such as Lawsons, Martyn Gerrard, Leaders, Balgores and Kings Group, ValPal say. It was found that approximately 5,600 of those requests were made between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, representing close to one quarter of all requests, making that the peak time for online property valuations.

The company found that the hours between noon and 2pm marked the second most popular period of the day. In addition, ValPal also learned that, despite website visit declining later on in the day, several users triggered valuations even in the early hours, between midnight and 2pm. Those living in central London, East Anglia and the north east of England are said to be the most likely to value property online.

“This is interesting data for agents: it shows the peak time for interest in property valuation,” Craig Vile, head of ValPal, told Estate Agent Today. “If agents are savvy, this is the best time to make their calls and secure vendors.”