eMoov launches viewer verification tool to improve online agent customer safety

eMoov has launched a fresh innovation in the estate agency world with the launch of a brand new verification tool for property viewers. The Veridu system allows the identity and credentials potential buyers or sellers to be immediately verified for safety and security purposes.

emoov_newlogoThe system is designed to integrate into the existing eMoov technology platform and means that sellers in the UK can check and confirm the identity of any potential viewers in advance of them arriving.

The verification process links to social media platforms and eMoov has also taken measures to integrate the new Veridu system into their functionality for potential buyers to book a viewing. This means that customers of the online estate agent can register online via one of their social media accounts, automatically verifying their identity for safety purposes in the process.

This means that at the time of the viewing, the seller will be able to see a photo of the user and have confidence in recognising the viewer when they arrive.

This estate agency first is claimed to be a powerful tool to help combat ongoing potential safety concerns that are a risk with home buying – for both sellers and buyers. This, eMoov says, helps both parties during a process that can already be fraught and stressful, and provides extra peace of mind.

Additionally, the Veridu tool also provides a vital layer of protection against fraud, which has become a particular problem in the fast-faced London property markets.

eMoov says it is proud to be the first online estate agent to offer this kind of tool in the UK – and possibly in the world. The company says that not only does Veridu provide a customer benefit and a more seamless customer journey, but it offers fantastic security and fraud protection in an industry increasingly concerned with how it can safeguard its customer groups.


July 25, 2016