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Are you a landlord selling up? How online estate agents can help your margins

It’s a difficult time to be a landlord. Increased red tape, fewer tax breaks and growing economic uncertainty means the buy-to-let bubble – which once offered lucrative financial gains for property investors – is on its way to bursting (or at the very least, deflating). Read more »

What kind of property seller are you? Find the best online agent to match your profile

We can thank the internet for a lot of things, but one of the biggest benefits of life in the digital age is the sheer amount of choice we have in almost every aspect of living. Read more »

Why selling your property privately may be the WRONG way to save money

When it comes to selling your property, your number one priority is probably going to be getting the best price possible for it, and spending as little money as possible doing so.

It’s no surprise, then, that many sellers consider selling privately. Read more »

Online estate agents in Sheffield – agencies with local property experts

Everyone’s familiar with the phrase ‘location, location, location’, and it’s true: it’s one of the most important factors home buyers consider when looking at a potential new property. It doesn’t matter how great the property is, it’s no good if it’s in the wrong place! Read more »

Housesimple vs Purplebricks: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

It’s always sensible to consider your options, especially when it comes to something as big as selling property – that’s why we designed our online estate agent comparison tool, which lets you find the right online agent based on your own criteria. Read more »

Will the general election affect the UK property market? Emoov CEO’s verdict

The founder and CEO of online estate agent eMoov has given his view on what effect the snap general election on June 8, 2017 might have on the UK property market.

In this video, Russell Quirk talks through the results of a survey of 1000 people by eMoov which asked if the calling of the election would deter them from listing a home or buying a home. Read more »

What would YOU buy with the savings from using a fixed fee estate agent?

Why use a fixed fee online estate agent? There are lots of reasons: convenience, speed, control, and of course, savings.

Traditional estate agents charge around 1.5% + VAT, which can easily add several thousand pounds onto the cost of selling a property. Read more »

Need to sell your house fast? How to sell up online and still get a great price

Selling a property has long been viewed as a long-winded and laborious process, but thanks to the rise of online estate agents, there is the very real prospect that sellers could be signing on the dotted line faster than ever before. Read more »

YOPA vs Purplebricks: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

Comparing the online estate agent market allows you to find the agent that best fits your needs? Whether that be based on price, services offered or specific expertise – our online estate agent comparison tool makes it easy. Read more »

HouseSimple vs YOPA: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to choosing an online estate agent – growing consumer demand means there are many companies on the market offering a variety of services. To narrow it down, use our online estate agent comparison tool, which you can use to search by criteria that matters to you, such as price or service score. Read more »

Online estate agents in Bristol – agencies with local property experts

Every area in the UK is different, boasting unique traits which set it apart from everywhere else and particular characteristics that draw in potential buyers. This is why, if you’re selling a property, you want the sale to be managed by someone who understands the facets of your local area. Read more »

Our customer satisfaction survey reveals property industry word of mouth winners

An exclusive survey by has revealed the property related services most – and least – likely to be recommended by word of mouth.

wordofmouth1The survey, conducted with online polling firm Toluna, asked 1,000 UK residents which services they had ever used and whether they would recommend the company. Read more »

Emoov vs Purplebricks: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

Selling your property can seem like a daunting task, so you need to know the sale is in good hands. That’s why it’s important to compare online estate agents before you choose one, to make sure they’re right for you. Read more »

Tepilo vs Purplebricks: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

It’s always sensible to consider your options, especially when it comes to something as significant as selling property – that’s why we designed our leading online estate agent comparison tool, which lets you search for an agent based on your own criteria, so you can make the best choice. Read more »

US-bound Purplebricks shares surge but Brexit-hit high street estate agents suffer

Estate agents were among the hardest hit stocks immediately following the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 with investors panicking about the impact of leaving the EU on future property transaction volumes.

Several months later, the picture for the majority of London Stock Exchange estate agents would – to use their language – benefit from considerable improvement. Read more »

The case of the online estate agent TV campaign that didn’t have The X Factor

Back in autumn 2015 a new online estate agent called launched with an advert during ITV’s prime time The X-Factor, which is among the most expensive TV slots going.

The ad was directed by Oscar nominated Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty, Rev) and starred well known actress Sarah Parish (Cutting It, W1A, Broadchurch) who played a female Sherlock Holmes who solved mysteries surrounding property sales. Read more »

SellingUp/Populus survey: fantastic features that will bring in the buyers

Our exclusive dream home survey reveals the 18 features that will make your property more desirable to buyers – plus two that probably won’t…

After location, size and condition, it’s a property’s special features that are the key to selling it quickly and for a great price. Read more »

Are there any ‘no sale no fee online’ estate agents? Yes there are, at last

The main reason why online estate agents are taking off in the UK is the low fixed fees they charge compared with high street estate agent commissions. There are huge savings to be made for many property sellers – but vendors usually have to accept an element of risk too, notably paying the online agent’s fee upfront. Read more »

Expert Q&A: Damp proofing – how far do you need to go to save your sale?

Damp is one of the most serious issues that can arise in a property survey and as such can have a major impact on saleability. Whether the damp that your buyer’s survey refers to is actually present or there is simply reference to a potential problem, the mere mention of ‘the D word’ could be enough to scare them off – or provide the perfect excuse for a substantially reduced offer price. Read more »

Harry Potter obsessed online estate agent calculates price of Hogwarts

A self-confessed Harry Potter geek has combined his life working in estate agency with his love of J.K. Rowling’s books by creating a painstakingly detailed fictional property valuation of Hogwarts. Alex Phillips, 28, who works for online estate agent YOPA, said he decided to have a “major geek-out” after wondering how much the famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardary would be worth as a piece of property on the open market. Read more »

Virtual property viewing: could this tech give house hunters their weekends back?

Any experienced property hunter knows the routine: you’ve flipped through numerous photos online, forensically examined countless floorplans and eventually after a bit of shall we/shan’t we you’ve decided: “this one’s worth a look.” Read more »

“I sold my east London flat on Facebook, saved thousands AND got a better price”

When charity manager Mike Freeman decided to sell his east London flat he put his faith in an up-and-coming online estate agent with a plan to market his property on Facebook, and he says the outcome was “an absolute result.” First time seller Mike, 31, signed up with after reading that online estate agents could save him money by charging a low fixed fee. Read more »

‘War on landlords’: mortgage tax relief change heads policy dealbreaker list

A survey for has revealed that the end of full mortgage interest tax relief – known as ‘Section 24’ – is the greatest investment deterrent among all of the Government’s recent ‘anti-landlord’ policies. Read more »

Purplebricks alternatives: hybrid online estate agents you may not have heard of

If you ask someone to name an ‘online estate agent’ there’s a fair chance they will say something like “oh, you mean like Purplebricks?” And they would be right – sort of. But strictly speaking Purplebricks isn’t an online estate agent – it actually calls itself a hybrid agent. Read more »

‘Tenant tax’ judicial review hearing confirmed for mid-September

A legal campaign to overturn the Government’s controversial ‘tenant tax’ has taken a step forward with the announcement that a hearing will take place on September 14/15. The campaign to reverse plans to phase out mortgage interest tax relief for private landlords has QC Cherie Blair at the helm of the legal team. Read more »

HouseSimple awards property market gold medal to Stratford

On the eve of the Rio Olympics, online estate agent HouseSimple says it’s no surprise that Stratford – the home of the 2012 London Games – has seen a property boom. Read more »

Agency chain Countrywide plans to rival Purplebricks with expanded hybrid option

Britain’s biggest estate agency group, Countrywide, has announced plans to expand its trial of a hybrid estate agency offering which competes directly with online sector leader Purplebricks. Read more »

Mid-afternoon is revealed as online property valuation peak time

Research from an estate agent software tool has revealed that users are most likely to request property valuations online between 2pm and 5pm. Read more »

Mortgage interest rate falls “show no signs of stopping”

UK mortgage interest rates have fallen rapidly in recent months and will continue to drop throughout the year, according to financial information service Moneyfacts. Read more »

Online agent SellMyHome streets ahead of Purplebricks in asking prices chart

Purplebricks may be the dominant leader in the online estate agency market but niche competitor SellMyHome could boast that it owns the premium end of the market. Research by shows that properties for sale with Purplebricks have an average asking price of £285,223 compared with SellMyHome at £696,967. Read more »

easyProperty issues guide to help landlords avoid costly fines and legal bills

Online estate agent easyProperty has created a guide to advise landlords about the consequences of failing to organize essential documents before they let a property. According to easyProperty, depending on the documentation neglected, consequences could involve large fines – as much as £6000 for failure to provide a Gas Safety Certificate – as well as difficulties when it comes to evicting tenants. Read more »

YOPA planning big autumn advertising campaign to boost awareness

YOPA, the fast-growing hybrid online estate agent, is planning a high profile autumn advertising campaign to boost awareness of their service offer, increase market share and drive up leads. The campaign will run across online and offline media, and is expected to attract significant interest and awareness in a growing digital offer in the estate agency business. Read more »

eMoov launches viewer verification tool to improve online agent customer safety

eMoov has launched a fresh innovation in the estate agency world with the launch of a brand new verification tool for property viewers. The Veridu system allows the identity and credentials potential buyers or sellers to be immediately verified for safety and security purposes. Read more »

Budget online estate agent Settled secures Silicon Valley funding

UK online estate agent Settled has secured a £1m investment, including cash from Silicon Valley firm 500 Startups. Investment vehicle 500 Startups was founded by a former marketing director for PayPal and has put an undisclosed sum into Settled to add to an investment already made by Thomas Teichman, a serial investor with a reputation for spotting the next big thing. Read more »

Online agent YOPA sponsors Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge

Online estate agent YOPA has sponsored the The Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge, in a move to strengthen community ties and enhance the national company’s local credentials. Read more »

Expert Q&A: Remortgaging – when to, how to and using a mortgage broker

Mortgages are among most homeowner’s largest monthly expenses and paying the absolute minimum in interest is financial common sense. That’s where remortgaging comes in. Many borrowers simply assume they are on a good deal because they were told it at the time they arranged the mortgage, but the market may have moved on since then and they could be missing out on some even better rates. Read more »

HouseSimple reveals which is most expensive Euro 2016 capital

Research carried out by online estate agent HouseSimple has revealed London to be the most expensive European capital city in which to buy property. HouseSimple created a league table of the capital cities of all twenty-four nations taking part in the Euro 2016 tournament, and the online estate agent found the English capital came top of the table at £4922 per square metre. Read more »

YOPA founder makes case against traditional estate agents to financial press

Daniel Attia, co-founder of online estate agent YOPA, has told the financial Press that the time is right to make changes to the property selling market. Attia told City A.M that estate agents are not trusted by the general public, and the reasons for these negative feelings should be examined, and changes made. Read more »

Most landlords will ‘Remain’ active in UK property market: exclusive Brexit poll

A survey by has found that 65% of active UK residential property investors intend to remain so, while 35% will leave their plans to one side after the Brexit vote. polled members of leading investment website Property Tribes in early July to ask about their buying intentions post-EU referendum. Read more »

Purplebricks to launch online estate agency in Australia

Following the success of its online estate agent business in the UK, Purplebricks is preparing to launch a similar service in Australia. CEO of Purplebricks Australia, Ryan Dinsdale, is actively recruiting Local Property Experts and expects to open for business, primarily on the East Coast. Read more »

HouseSimple shows link between Brexit voting and house prices

Online estate agent HouseSimple claims to have found a link between EU referendum voting preferences and local house prices. Using figures from 80 UK councils, Housesimple has shown a connection between the way residents in an area voted in the June 23rd referendum, and the growth in property prices in their areas. Read more »

Expert Q&A: Japanese Knotweed – how to handle a very knotty property problem

“Japanese Knotweed”: two words that every informed home seller will dread. Once upon a time it was simply a pretty plant brought in to give Britain’s suburban gardens a touch of the exotic. Today it is enough to drive fear into the heart of the hardiest home seller due to its reputation for damaging foundations with far reaching, relentless roots. Read more »

Local data research reveals where is selling up and where is staying put

New exclusive property market research by has revealed which postcodes in England and Wales are most heavily for sale and which are the least on the move.

The research – which benchmarks the UK property market in the month of the EU Referendum – takes the number of households in each postcode district and compares it against how many residential properties were listed for sale on leading property portals. Read more »

Property listings chart shows how far Purplebricks has risen since floatation

Online estate agent Purplebricks got a huge cash injection when it floated on the London Stock Exchange – and now has produced some exclusive research to show its growth in the six months that followed. Read more »

Trustpilot reviews of leading online estate agents go live on

SellingUp is delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Trustpilot, enabling us to show daily updated, independent customer reviews of the UK’s leading online estate agents. Read more »

Sizing up Purplebricks alternatives: online estate agent competitors league table

A recent survey by YouGov for showed that 39% of property owners had heard of Purplebricks – but not many people know just how many alternative online estate agents there are to choose from.  Read more »

Why does Purplebricks call itself a hybrid estate agent?

Once upon a time – way, way back in the early noughties – they were simply called ‘estate agents’. Okay, they had some differences but usually they fitted into the following description: locally-based, suited and booted, prone to exaggeration and always ready to sell your property for a handsome commission. Read more »

Petition to save traditional high street estate agents only gets ONE signature

An estate agent called The Purple Property Shop might have some colour in their cheeks after its online petition to save their much maligned industry attracted JUST ONE signature.

The petition entitled ‘There’ll always be a place for the High Street Estate Agent’ was launched on popular campaigning site last June with a goal of gaining 1000 supporters. Read more »

One in three would ‘seriously consider’ an online estate agent – YouGov/SellingUp

One third of property owners in the UK would “seriously consider” hiring an online agent if selling tomorrow, according to exclusive YouGov research for The polling company asked 1300 about their willingness to use an online fixed fee estate agent charging £300-£800 instead of paying a high street agency’s commission. Read more »

Should I sell my home before April 2016?

Changes to stamp duty on investment properties are coming into effect from April 2016 and they could have a significant effect on house prices in the UK. If you own a property that fits into the profile of a likely investment purchase for potential buyers then you should be asking yourself whether now is a good time to sell up. Read more »