Reviews at a Glance: Purplebricks Trustpilot Word Cloud

In ‘Reviews at a Glance’, we compile a word cloud using data* from the most recent 100 TrustPilot reviews, to give an overall picture of each online estate agent.

What’s immediately notable about Purplebricks’ word cloud is the frequency of words with particularly positive connotations. Read more »

Why some believe ‘no sale, no fee’ is the future of selling property online

More and more property sellers in the UK – and indeed around the world – are opting to use the services of an online estate agent. Compared to their traditional high street counterparts they offer greater convenience, a wider audience of potential buyers and, crucially, significantly lower costs. Read more »

Live in the capital? Here’s how to avoid the Purplebricks ‘London seller’s tax’

The way homeowners sell their property has changed drastically over the last five years. The first port of call is no longer necessarily a high street agent, but often an online service – and there are many to choose from. Read more »

Considering Purplebricks? Lower your risk of selling property online with a ‘no sale no fee’ online estate agent

Online estate agents have seen a tremendous rise in popularity in recent times. Why? Because compared to traditional high street agents they can offer major convenience and most importantly, significant savings.

But not all online estate agents are created equal, and there are still risks involved. Read more »

Which is best for you: a no sale no fee online estate agent or paying upfront?

Online estate agents can offer massive savings compared to traditional high street agents. Paying one flat fee to sell your property compared to a percentage of the overall sale (typically 1.5% plus VAT) can add up to savings of thousands of pounds, plus you’ll know from the outset how much you’ll be spending, rather than having to wait for a surprise bill at the end of the process. Read more »

Want great service? See this list of the best online estate agents by ratings

Online estate agents are rapidly gaining prominence in the UK. Compared to their high street counterparts, they offer huge savings and a level of ease and convenience never seen before. Selling your property has never been so simple. Read more »

Want to save even more? Here’s a list of some of the cheapest online estate agents

Property sellers choose online estate agents over high street agencies for many reasons – the convenience, the control and not least the price. An online estate agent will charge a flat fee that’s usually thousands of pounds cheaper than the percentage of sale (plus VAT) charged by their high street counterparts. Read more »

How can £99 Doorsteps online estate agent afford to be so cheap?

Online estate agencies can represent amazing value when compared to their traditional high street counterparts, but some online companies offer better savings than others. While many agencies charge flat rate fees of around £500-£900, one of the market’s newest contenders, Doorsteps, will market your property for just £99. Read more »

Got angry tenants? Watch out…a host of new ‘Landlord Tripadvisors’ are coming

What score would you get if you asked your tenants to mark you out of ten? And be honest, because a host of new landlord ratings sites are coming and it won’t be long before those scores could be shared with the whole world. Read more »

Why did property owners pipe up for plumbers in satisfaction survey?

In a recent survey by SellingUp, plumbers and heating engineers were rated as the number one property services provider in the UK, ahead of all other trades and professionals. We asked 1000 ordinary members of the public which property related services they have ever used, and followed up by asking whether they would actually recommend the company to friends and family. Read more »

Are these the two cheapest online estate agents in the UK?

Two new online estate agents have arrived in UK the property market in recent months with a very clear and simple selling point: being the lowest price choice. Doorsteps and 99Home are relative newcomers to the industry and both have firmly positioned themselves as ultra budget estate agents in a market that is already known for appealing to the cost conscious home seller. Read more »

Can I really value my house accurately without a high street estate agent?

Valuing a property accurately is one of the most vital stages in marketing it for sale. Sellers have traditionally relied on local experts, who are often happy to provide the high valuation that the vendor is hoping for. Read more »

How online estate agents can increase property investor profit margins

Property investors such as landlords and developers focused on achieving the best cost savings possible can use online estate agents to gain a competitive advantage. Online estate agents can market a property for sale for a fixed fee which is typically low compared to a commission-based agency, potentially saving thousands in selling costs. Read more »

Upad vs OpenRent: UK’s biggest online lettings agents compared head-to-head

If you’re looking at rental websites with the view to marketing your property online, you’ll want to make sure you get the right service for your specific needs. Here, we pit the UK online rental market’s biggest hitters, Upad and OpenRent, against one another, so you can drill down into the finer details to choose an agent that’s best for you. Read more »

Service to negotiate online agent fees for landlords selling multiple properties

SellingUp is offering a new service to help reduce selling costs for landlords disposing of more than one property. By now most landlords will be aware that there are potentially big fee savings to be made by using a fixed fee online estate agent compared with a high street agent. Read more »

Looking for estate agents without fees? Online could be the closest you will find

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and sadly that applies to estate agents, too. They’re a business and they have to make money somehow, so giving their services away for free isn’t going to fit with a sensible business model. Read more »

Upad: the leading online lettings agency challenger to OpenRent

Upad is the UK’s second biggest online rental website (in terms of properties on the market). It has secured 40,000 lets in its time and advertising 10,000 properties in the last year alone, making Upad the major competitor to OpenRent. Read more »

How YOPA’s Pay Later option works: understanding the deferred payment

Hybrid estate agent Purplebricks was recently put under pressure by the BBC Watchdog programme over its Pay Later package. Other agents including YOPA have similar deals for deferring payments but how do they work? We look at the fine print of YOPA’s Pay Later option so you can be sure you understand what you are signing up for. Read more »

OpenRent: profile of the UK’s largest online lettings agency

OpenRent is the UK’s largest online lettings agency. Founded in 2012 by Oxford University alumni Daz Bradbury and Adam Hyslop, London-based OpenRent provides landlords with a platform to market their properties directly to tenants at low cost. Read more »

Is Emoov any good? Find out if the James Caan-backed online agent is right for you

With more and more people opting to use an online estate agent, you will likely have heard some of the big names mentioned, either in the media or from a friend. Emoov is a name that’s featured on the landscape for a while, and if you’re looking to sell a property you’ll probably be wondering if they’re any good. Read more »

How do online estate agent accompanied viewing services work in practice?

There are many reasons property sellers choose an online estate agent. For a start, it can be considerably cheaper than a traditional high street agent, plus it offers more control over the sales process – you’re firmly in the driving seat. Read more »

Are online estate agents with lowest fees as good as traditional estate agencies?

Selling a property is a huge undertaking, so you want to be sure the process is being looked after by the right people. It can be tempting to fall into the trap of thinking that a higher price equals higher levels of service, but in the world of property sales this isn’t necessarily true. Read more »

Is YOPA any good, and is it the best online estate agent for your property?

As online estate agents gain traction in the UK property market, you’re increasingly likely to hear about the major players in the news and media – or maybe even in conversation. You might have heard of YOPA, and you might even be familiar with their service – but is it any good? Read more »

Purplebricks Pay Later package is in the spotlight – but what are the alternatives?

Purplebricks has come under intense media scrutiny over its system for offering customers a way to ‘buy now pay later’. The controversial deferred payments plan means that anyone who signs up with Purplebricks has the option to either pay right away or to hold the payment back until either the property sells, or 10 months has expired – whichever happens first. Read more »

Emoov vs Tepilo: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

Smart shoppers know they should always consider their options before splashing the cash, which is why so many comparison services exist. They allow you to find the product or service that fit your criteria – and our online estate agent comparison tool is no exception. Read more »

Online estate agents in Manchester: agencies with local property experts

Very few people buy a house on its property merits alone – its location is almost, if not more, important. So if you’re selling a property, you want to make the most of its location features, particularly if you’re selling in the vibrant, thriving Manchester area. Read more »

Why are online estate agents that do viewings sometimes called ‘hybrids’?

Online estate agents can offer a lot more than good value. As well as low fees, using an online agent means total convenience; you’re free to manage the sale yourself and on your own time, with all the support you need. Read more »

Is Housesimple any good? How to decide if it’s the right online estate agent for you

If you’re considering selling property through an online estate agent, you’ve probably heard a few of the main names either on TV, in the media, or maybe in conversation. You might be familiar with the name HouseSimple, but what does it offer, and is it any good? Read more »

Online estate agents with no upfront fees: Deferred Payment vs No Sale No Fee

One of the main reasons property sellers opt for an online estate agent is the major savings on offer. Depending on the value of your property, you could save thousands in sales fees, compared to a traditional high street estate agent. Read more »

Housesimple vs Tepilo: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

It’s good to have options, but when it comes to choosing an online estate agent, you might feel there are too many options! It can be hard to know which company best fits your needs, but using our online estate agent comparison tool will help you narrow down your choices, based on criteria that’s important to you. Read more »

HouseSimple vs Emoov: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

Savvy-shoppers know they should always consider their options before making a purchase, which is why so many comparison services exist. They allow you to find the product or service that’s right for you – and our online estate agent comparison tool is no exception. Read more »

Online estate agents in Birmingham: agencies with local property experts

Birmingham is known as the UK’s ‘second city’, and with a population surpassing one million its property market is one of the busiest in the country. So if you’re looking to sell in or around Birmingham, you’ll certainly have your choice when it comes to estate agents. Read more »

Property value uncovered: 11 features that can really affect house valuation

The word ‘value’ can have many meanings when it comes to property. Some people put a huge amount of value in their homes because of the memories they associate with it. Some people might assign value to a property because of features that are important to them, such as a garage or a home-office, while others might not care about these things, thus reducing the value of the property in that person’s eyes. Read more »

Online estate agents in Liverpool: agencies with local property experts

When you’re selling a property you want to be sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, and if you choose to use an agent, you want to know your sale is in good hands. Read more »

How to advertise on Rightmove without the need for a high street estate agent

We use the internet for almost everything nowadays. Whether it’s doing the weekly shop, booking a holiday or making a hair appointment, the internet is our go-to for getting things done. Why would house-hunting be any different?  Read more »

Online estate agents in Essex: agencies with local property experts

Everyone’s familiar with the phrase ‘location, location, location’. When it comes to property, the neighbourhood it’s in is just as, if not more, important than the property itself. So when you’re selling your property in Essex you’ll want to make the most of its geographical advantages, whether that’s the sea views of Frinton, the transport links of Dagenham or the enchanting scenery of Saffron Walden. Read more »

Online estate agents in Croydon – agencies with local property experts

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a property – it’s all well and good finding a place that meets your criteria in terms of size and style, but if it’s not where you want it to be, it’s never going to be a dream property! Read more »

YOPA vs Tepilo: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

Selling your property can seem like a daunting task, so you need to know the sale is in good hands. That’s why it’s important to find the right online estate agent for your particular needs, and you can do so using our online comparison tool to find the agents that fit the bill. Read more »

Too busy to show buyers? Try online estate agents that do hosted viewings

Viewings are one of the most vital aspects of the property selling process, so it’s important to get them right. Many sellers using an online estate agent are happy to conduct these viewings themselves – it can be cheaper and, for some, more convenient.  Read more »

Which are the best online estate agent pay-on-sale packages on the market?

Not long ago selling a property was seen as stressful, time-consuming and expensive, but the rise of online estate agents is beginning to do away with these downsides – particularly the high costs. Traditional high street estate agents charge around 1.5% of the cost of the sale, plus VAT of 20% on top. Read more »

How to find online estate agents that conduct viewings – so you don’t have to

There are lots of elements involved in selling a property, but one of the most important parts is the viewing. After all, this is where potential buyers get to ‘look at the goods’, whether an investment property or their forever home. Read more »

Online estate agents ‘no upfront fee’ offers: where to find the best deals

One of the biggest reasons property sellers choose an online estate agent is because they can represent significant savings compared to high street estate agents. Sell with a high street agent and you’ll receive a bill (often rather hefty) once the deal has completed. Read more »

Using an online estate agent but hosting your own viewings? How NOT to do it

Hiring an online estate agent and conducting your own viewings cuts out the expensive middleman and can make the whole process of selling your property cheaper and often more convenient. Some DIY online sellers also believe that the personal touch can help to secure a sale – after all, who knows your property and local area like you do? Read more »

A-Z of high street estate agent jargon: what they say and what it could mean

It’s no secret that high street estate agents are big fans of the hard sell, and part of their deal-closing arsenal is a seemingly endless dictionary of clichés and buzzwords, all designed to captivate the imaginations of would-be buyers. Read more »

Emoov vs YOPA: online estate agent head-to-head comparison

With so many online estate agents on the market it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Our online estate agent comparison tool makes it easy to discover which ones fit your needs, but what about the finer detail? Read more »

Foxtons: the rise (and impending fall?) of an infamous London estate agent giant

Foxtons is almost as synonymous with the London urban landscape as The Shard or Big Ben. Its green liveried Minis seem to be on every road, and its trendy bar-like offices (reportedly costing £600,000 to kit out) seemingly on every major high street corner, each offering complimentary Perrier to inquisitive property buyers and sellers alike. Read more »

Online estate agents in Leeds – agencies with local property experts

Whether you’re a first time property seller, or you’ve been doing it for years, you want to make sure your sale is in good hands. Of course, it’s not enough for an agent to have experience, they need to have expertise as well, and local knowledge is becoming an increasingly sought-after trait within the online property sector. Read more »

Online estate agents in Newcastle – agencies with local property experts

Selling a property is a significant undertaking, which is why you want to make sure your online estate agent is not only experienced in property sales, but knowledgeable about your local area as well. The old adage ‘location, location, location’ is truer now than ever before, which is why many online estate agents are adding local experts to their rosters. Read more »

Who is the best online estate agent? Trustpilot says it’s NOT Purplebricks

Trustpilot is a leading reviews site and the ratings provider of choice for’s online estate agent comparison.

With 26 million reviews of 150,000+ companies, Trustpilot has refined a system for turning feedback and reviews into a ‘TrustScore’ so that every business can be ranked according to customer satisfaction. Read more »

Size isn’t everything: three smaller online estate agents you don’t know (but should)

You’ve heard about online estate agents. You know they represent a cost-effective, convenient alternative to traditional agents and you know they could save you thousands when it comes to selling your property.

But the chances are you’ve only heard of the main players; the larger established companies such as eMoov, YOPA and HouseSimple. Read more »